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Meet The Team Mondays: Meet Kelly, Candy Queen and Boo Cat Venue Coordinator!

It’s time once again for Meet The Team Monday! It’s our pleasure to introduce to you…..Kelly Spiller, Boo Cat Club’s Venue Coordinator!

This is a girl who likes cowboy boots, chocolate candy, her new pup Harley Quinn and Dr. Pepper. Kelly is one hard worker: she does a little bit of everything from working with clients to organize their wedding day details, to building maintenance like painting and gardening, to mopping floors after an event–whatever needs doing! In addition to all of this, she also manages staff, executes walkthroughs and oversees events from start to finish. She puts out fires, buckles down and makes things happen even when the job at hand seems like one for a team of 5. We couldn’t ask for anyone better to represent the Boo Cat Club! We’ve asked Kelly a few questions about this event biz she’s found herself thriving in – check out the Q&A below!

What’s your favorite part of the job? I LOVE the satisfied, stress-free, slightly buzzed look on my Bride & Groom’s faces at the end of their night that was everything they hoped it would be!

When you got married, what was the most stressful part of planning a wedding? Is there anything Boo Cat does for its brides to make that any easier? I got married fairly young–I wasn’t in the wedding industry yet, and hadn’t even attended a wedding since I was a child.  Without a wedding planner, I was basically making everything up as I went along (ceremony programs?!? RSVP cards? Who knew those were a thing?)!  My best advice to brides near & far is to do it–spring for a wedding planner who knows how these things are supposed to go!  I’ve never had a client regret their decision to have someone helping them with the stressful process!
What was your favorite memory from your own wedding? I was married on the 4th of July weekend and my favorite part of the evening was heading outside to watch the fireworks display with my new Hubby.  Of course, we got some fabulous photos with the fireworks, but it was also a fantastic time to be alone together and reflect on everything that had happened that day!
What are your favorite go-to snacks when working long days at BCC? Only one place delivers to Boo Cat Club, so Domino’s is usually my default when I’ve failed to plan a meal!  I also have a hidden stash of Dr.Pepper and Three Musketeers bars in my desk :)
If you could have any super power, what would it be and why? Without question, the ability to stop or extend time would be at the top of my list!  There is just never enough time in a day :)  Although, if I could somehow magically learn to cook I wouldn’t argue with that either!

Check back soon for another #MeetTheTeamMonday! We’ve added on to our small but mighty team and have a few more people we’d like to introduce you to!