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Meet The Team Mondays: Pink Pumps & Tulle Skirts (and maybe a hardhat, too)!

Mondays are all about that extra shot in our espressos, motivational quotes to get our wheels turning after a weekend of events at Majorette and Boo Cat, and now…Meet the Team Mondays! Today we’re sharing a bit about our Operations Manager Erinn Hall. Erinn’s our Go-To Gal for just about everything: from touring recently engaged couples to overseeing payroll and bookkeeping, she’s a pretty busy lady. To add to the mix, we’ve recently bought the historic Bevo Mill, which means Erinn’s added the responsibility of planning out the future for our third wedding and events venue (and sometimes even getting her hands dirty in the renovation process).

She’s used to it though - Erinn was behind the magic of Majorette as well. She says getting to see Majorette’s renovations all the way through, new updates at Boo Cat Club (like the Indigo bar in the Catacombs!) and now The Bevo has sparked something in her.

“Because I have a background in Fine Arts, the creative process and the vision to only be able to see a space for what it COULD be and completely skip over what it IS- has been the most interesting part of my job so far! Sometimes this means I’m pulling old carpet to make way for the new flooring, but if it means I’m adding to the beauty of the space, I’m all for it!”

Before you finish your thought about how one woman could handle the ins-and-outs of all three spaces, we should tell you that she’s also planning a wedding of her own. Yes, our Go-To Gal is getting married this September, and what better place to do it than at Majorette!? We asked Erinn a few questions about juggling responsibilities at three event spaces and her own wedding. Meet The Team Monday: Erinn edition!

What makes Majorette stand out among other wedding and corporate event venues? St. Louis is a unique market with SO MANY great venues. It feels like I hear about a cool venue opening or a unique new service somebody is offering everyday. I think the thing that stands out to me about Majorette among so many amazing spaces is the creative process that Pat and Carol go through of taking historic spaces deemed as “problem” buildings, gutting them and rebuilding. They also partner with some of the most creative, intuitive, artistic people in St. Louis for branding, construction, furnishing, event staff, bartenders, florists, caterers, etc. Its like every piece of the process has somebody behind it with passion and creativity and it comes together into remarkable, unexpected, memorable events.

You’re engaged! Congratulations. Tell us a few exciting details about your wedding!  Well, I don’t want to spill too many details before the big day, but here’s some highlights: 1.) marrying the love of my life 2.) party and AFTER-party at Majorette 3.) Roller Derby cocktail servers 4.) ALL THE DESSERTS 5.) Sugarfire Smokehouse 6.) Pink pumps and tulle skirts :)

What’s next for the Schuchards and their army of venue-renovating employees? Who knows?! Pat and Carol are always working on something and always will be and I’m along for the ride!

Check back soon for Meet The Team Monday, where we’ll introduce you to Kelly: Boo Cat’s Event Manager!

Photos by Alex Nardulli, Photographer