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Parties to start with

Our weddings don’t begin in earnest till April – that’s the time lapse from opening our doors to wedding commencement.  So between then and now, it’s been a series of memorable parties.  It started with our own Hello St Louis bash!  Which really went off!  Cocktails right left and center, shrieks of pleasure, human traffic in and out of all the rooms – and the whole night topped by a smashing performance from Miss Jubilee who are a great aesthetic fit in our place.  They brought their own dancers along but the lines were definitely blurred between theirs and ours.  Let’s just say there was swing-time fusion that night and we still get comments about the vibe of that evening.  A most fitting way to kick off this Boo Cat Club!

Then – they just kept coming.  Those kooler-than-skool Treehouse Network guys inhabited the space for one night launching an uber-smart Business Bazarre that showcased young and upcoming businesses, many in their fledgling stage – just like us!  Everything was there from wooden watches to emergency bio-clean-up services – seriously!  That was followed by a Holiday fundraiser to celebrate Our Little Haven and our stage and Theater were lucky enough to have the real McCoy up there – the choir from Salt Covenant Baptist Church next door delivering Holiday carols like this blogger has never heard before!  Everyone felt the mood that night from all those swaying bodies at the back, to the delighted toddler up front, rejoicing in her spontaneous moves.  Then event planner Katie Sotiriou unfurled the red carpet and hosted an elegant Oscars night.  It was a crisp wintry night, fires ablaze, with all the girls sparkling in their gowns and finery.  They looked amazing – and the boys were pretty good too!  Camera’s flashed, gold statuettes were awarded and then they hi-tailed it downstairs for cocktails and dancing.

Then came 40 Shades of Jay - the definitive 40th birthday party planned and run by Bill Donius and his team of party aficionados.  These guys don’t mess around.  Lighting was either dim or nonexistent; cocktails concocted to fit the theme of the evening; the party engineered so that the Ballroom caught everyone in a whirl of socializing, then the Theater opened up to acrobatics, cake cutting, and Happy-Brithday-to-you-ing;  it was downstairs after that for a flash mob subway dance, disco ball and Britney, just to forget a few other artists, and more cocktails!  It was a party that utilized each and every aspect of our spaces and will be hard to beat.

The clock struck twelve and then there were none!  Just some dim lights, some fading music, and some home fires flickering in the darkness.  And some great memories which is what the Boo Cat Club does!  Enables moments and creates memories.  We’ve plenty of upcoming parties.  As I said, our weddings start in April, and the most colorful, personable brides and grooms are all lined up for their turn.  We feel privileged to have them!

Oh, and um, I didn’t even mention the SLU Kappa Alpha Gamma sorority party…  What goes down in the Catacombs…